The Art of Ascot

Ascot – a time of pure indulgence, wealth, status and of course the purpose of the event, horse racing. For many however it is the perfect opportunity to experiment with extravagant outfits, hats, head pieces and fascinators. Ascot has seen the rules of fashion bent and broken, each year topping the previous. Gone are the days of a classic wide-brimmed hat with subtle detailing; and what a relief that is for the milliners, it has provided them with the chance to experiment with shapes, sizes and mediums.

I personally still appreciate the classic Ascot looks. There is something about a woman wondering around with an ice-cream on their head (masquerading as a hat) somewhat tacky and degrading of the event. There is a fine balance of being adventurous and yet maintaining the British elegance this event deserves and demands. Here are a selection of examples that exude these qualities perfectly. 

(The Official Ascot Fashion Advisers, led by Amber Le Bon, designed by Hobbs) 



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