Adele rumoured to design a plus-size collection for Burberry

It has been rumoured that Adele has been asked to design a plus size range for British fashion house Burberry.


Christopher Bailey has always had a strong relationship with Adele, dressing her for that memorable performance she put on at the Brits 2010 that shot her to top of her game. Therefore it is no surprise that Bailey was rumoured to personally have approached Adele with the proposition of becoming the brand ambassador with the intention of creating a bespoke collection for plus size women.



I am not a plus size girl myself, but oh my gosh how exciting it would be if this potential project came to fruition. And if it does; will it be priced for the elite voluptuous ladies, or will it give the curvy majority access to what can only be a successful collection.



So what can we all expect Adele to do with this well established, recognisable, global British brand. Has Bailey given Adele the platform to fight back at Karl Lagerfeld’s comments of calling her “a little too fat” and show the French designer that high-end fashion houses are not prejudice towards plus size women.



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