Chaser LA


Rich kids, poor kids, teenage friends. A garage in Beverly Hills. The original LA punk rock scene. Creative minds seeking an outlet for the swell of angst building from within. This is the origin of Chaser. A generation which revolutionized music. As punk became new wave and new wave became corporate rock and corporate rock became grunge and rap and so on, Chaser evolved with the music. Rock tees became softer, softer evolved to blends, blends evolved to finer yarn counts, finer yarn counts became cashmeres and silks and like the cycle of music we changed with the times only to never forget we were born from a punk rock family.


The garment better be luxuriously soft. When our customer wakes up in the morning we want Chaser to be the garment they want to wear, not the one they have to. If their job requires a suit, the moment our customer gets home they tear it off and put on their favorite Chaser garment.


Chaser will continue to add to our repertoire of clothing. We will push the boundaries of yarns, washes, silhouettes and prints. We are and always have been at the forefront of what we do. What is next is what has not been done.


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